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How Fast Does Mold Grow in Buildings Near Bossier City

Mold growth is another consequence of water damage, which can be caused by flooding, leaks, or high humidity. Damage from water can be compounded by the rapid growth of mold that often follows. An insufficient response to moisture can result in a widespread mold problem.

However, if you take prompt action, you can prevent mold from spreading throughout your house. To prevent mold growth, moisture must be removed before the spores may germinate.

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In What Timeframe Does Mold Begin to Spread?

The length of time it takes for mold to grow and become visible can vary widely depending on several factors such as the type of mold, the type of material it is growing on, and the presence or absence of moisture.

Mold can begin to sprout and proliferate as soon as 24 hours after coming into contact with the moisture source if the conditions are right. It takes mold spores between 3 and 11 days to establish a colony. Mold growth often becomes noticeable in 18-20 days.

The greater the likelihood of mold growth and spread, the longer moisture is present.

Within hours of landing on a damp surface, mold begins to spread within the substance and release hundreds of spores into the air. Mold spores can disperse via the air and land on other damp surfaces, spreading the problem further.

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