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Preventing Mold Infestation in Bossier City & Shreveport

Mold growth can leave many people speechless, and not in a good way. They may be minor, but when grouped together, they can become a major issue. Mold will grow where there is moisture, such as around roofs, windows, or pipe leaks, or in flood-damaged areas. So, if you're worried about mold in your home, what can you do? Preventing mold before it becomes an issue is the best method. At Putman Restoration, we serve the best mold remediation service for our residential and commercial customers. Call us at 318-287-8383 to know more about us.

Why Need to Prevent Mold Infestation

Mold can cause significant structural damage to a home. Apart from that, other elements such as cloth, wood, and even foundation walls are destroyed. Mold can cause wooden constructions to deteriorate. As a result, the structure of a home may be severely harmed. Mold can impact a variety of creatures, not only humans. Mold exposure can cause a variety of dangerous and life-threatening symptoms in pets, including respiratory problems and infections, respiratory complications, nasal bleeding, allergic reactions, and even lack of appetite. The consequences for pets are significantly more severe and can result in death. Mold is extremely harmful to our health. It has an effect on our respiratory system, irritating the lungs and throat. Mold can affect a weak respiratory system. So, it is important to take immediate action but if you don’t know where to start, consider hiring a professional to help you identify any mold problems.

Rely on Us for Preventing Mold Infestation

Contact Putman Restoration to schedule a free mold inspection. Give us a call at 318-287-8383 or click here to set up an appointment for mold testing. If there is mold then our team will start the prevention process. Our restoration services are available in Shreveport, Bossier City, Ruston, Monroe, and our other service areas.