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Clogged Drain Overflow Restoration Service in L.A

A clogged drain and the bathroom or kitchen flooding it has the potential to cause is a nauseatingly dirty hygiene threat to you and your home or workplace. An unusable bathroom or kitchen is an inconvenience of unadaptable magnitude. The sheer amount of germs and diseases the water from a flooded bathroom and the organic waste from a clogged drain in a kitchen sink area is a joint recipe for disaster.

A functioning drainage system is the foundation of a home's cleanliness and health safety.

At Putman Restoration, we offer a team of extensively skilled and experienced technicians for the cleanup and restoration service of a clogged drain overflow service emergency. Call Putman at 318-287-8383. We offer our services in Logansport, Oil City and several other cities in Texas.


Hazards from a clogged drain drain overflow

  • Plumbing leak: A clogged drain causes pipes to break from internal water pressure resulting in leaks.
  • Water pollution: Flooding from clogged drain can get out and cause water pollution. 
  • Insects: Depending on the type of waste that gets out with the water during flooding caused by a clogged drain it can attracts an insect infestation 
  • Health Hazard: The contaminated water from a toilet flooding is an extreme human health hazard. 
  • Structural damage: mold growth from flooding after a drain overflow can cause structural damage.

Services by Putman Restoration relevant to a clogged drain overflow emergency

  • Flood damage
  • Toilet overflow
  • Structural damage restoration
  • Floor water damage
  • Plumbing leak damage

Call Putman Restoration for all your clogged drain overflow emergency needs 

At Putman Restoration, our highly awarded and locally trusted team have been providing clogged drain overflow for over a decade. Call Putman Restoration at 318-287-8383 or reach us at our contact us page here. during clogged drain overflow restoration emergency. We provide our services in Pelican, Princeton and several other areas in Texas.