24/7 Emergency Restoration Available

Water Damage Restoration & Water Mitigation: Call 24/7

Putman Restoration is Equipped to Handle Water Damage Services Caused From:

  • Pipe Leaks & Pipe Bursts
  • Water Heaters
  • Appliances
  • Clean Water Breaks
  • Storm Damage & Floods
  • Sewage Backup
Water Damage Restoration Shreveport LA

Whether it is a clean water break, flood water damage, or sewage cleanup, Putman Restoration has the experience and knowledge to clean and dry your structure. They work with Industrial Hygienists on a regular basis to help get your home or business back to normal. Additionally, they follow protocols and scopes of work to complete a job as soon and as thorough as possible!

No matter the size of the job, Putman Restoration is dedicated to drying and sanitation excellence. Immediate action is essential to start the drying process. We have a super fast response team that uses advanced equipment and techniques to expedite moisture removal. Through recording and monitoring drying logs, tracking thermo-hygrometer readings, penetrating moisture readings, and thermal image cameras, we can guarantee a dry structure.

Steps for Water Mitigation Process

  1. Emergency Call and Inspection: After you call Putman Restoration, a team thoroughly inspects and locates the source of the water loss. Putman Restoration tests the structure, flooring, and contents for moisture content and ensures that the source of water is stopped.
  2. Water Extraction: Putman Restoration’s Water Damage Experts extract all water possible with a powerful truck mount system and industry advanced tools and attachments.
  3. Cleaning and Sanitizing: Thorough cleaning and sanitizing is crucial in the mitigation process to ensure a safe environment. From floor cleaning to deep cleaning, we detail the space according to its needs. Putman Restoration enjoys cleaning as much as possible before the air movers and dehumidifiers are installed to prevent dirt and debris being shifted around from air movers.
  4. Drying: Putman Restoration has the advanced equipment to dry the structure rapidly and throughly. Equipment include extra large LGR dehumidifiers and axial air movers made by Industry leaders, Phoenix.
  5. Cleaning and Sanitizing: Touch up after drying to ensure cleanliness and sanitation.