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Water Line Break Restoration in Shreveport & Benton, LA

Putman Restoration is the leading water damage restoration company in all of Louisiana. We have the necessary qualifications to help you recover when you face a water line break in your home or business property. Our IICRC-Certified team offers quick & affordable water removal services in Dubach, Shreveport, Benton, Calhoun, & other nearby areas across Louisiana.

We utilize state-of-the-art equipment to help protect your property from further structural damage. A water line breakage may induce mold growth, but prompt water damage response from Putman Restoration can eliminate such risks. Call us NOW at 318-287-8383 if you have trouble with a broken water line.

The Three Types of Water Damage


There are many types of water lines running in & out of your home. Each carries a different kind of water. Some transfer the clean water you might use through your sink, and others carry away waste contents from your toilets. Breakage in any of these lines might mean severe consequences for your property.

However, Putman Restoration is properly equipped to deal with any sort of water damage that you are faced with. We help with:

  • Clean Water: Rainwater is the most common form of clean water damage to property.
  • Gray Water: This could be from an appliance with a water line, like a refrigerator or dishwasher.
  • Black Water: This could be from sewer backups, toilet overflows, and natural disasters.

Trust Putman Restoration to Recover Quickly From Water Damage

Putman Restoration is your one-stop solution to all water damage problems. We offer cleanup, moisture extraction, pipe repair & replacement, all at cost-effective prices. We are licensed, insured, BBB-accredited, and IICRC-certified to assist with any type of water damage restoration including:

If you are experiencing a water line break, turn off your main water supply and call the professionals from Putman Restoration at 318-287-8383 for quick restoration.