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Giving Back

Local Restoration Company That Gives Back to the Shreveport, LA Community

As a community-focused restoration company in Shreveport, LA, we take great pride in initiating and supporting efforts to enrich and strengthen the local region. By forming partnerships with charitable organizations and dedicating time and resources, we are committed to creating a positive impact locally and in impoverished areas like Honduras. By giving back, we also grow as a company and foster bonds within our community.

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Honduras Well Projects

Putman Restoration channels significant support towards the Honduras Well Projects, partnered with Aqua Viva International. Over time, Putt Putman has journeyed to Honduras six times to assist in well drilling. On two of those outings, he was accompanied by his wife, Sarah, and his son, Miles, joined for the latest trip. Putman Restoration’s commitment to this cause stems from the scarcity of potable water in Honduras. The locals, children, and adults bear the brunt of this water shortage, resorting to miles-long treks to polluted creeks for water. These daily excursions chew into their time profoundly. Manual pumps can be installed by drilling wells roughly 80 feet deep, easing access to clean water. With this setup, children can commit more time to school and church, and adults can focus on community building and economic development. More details about this mission and ways to offer support can be found at

Laundry Love

Hold Putman Restoration's keen devotion to the local mission, Laundry Love, in high regard. This mission is straightforward. We visit local and regional laundromats and cover the laundry costs for people without conditions. Often, people's reactions are gratitude and relief. They detail how this simple act allows them to afford necessities like new shoes, clothes, or food for their children. Others rush home, bringing more laundry, bed sheets, and comforters, displaying evident excitement at the prospect of freshly laundered textiles.

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