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Mold Remediation & Water Damage Restoration in Ruston 

Putman Restoration's water damage restoration experts are available 24/7/365, to remove any harmful mold growth you may have in your home or business. Mold spores can grow rapidly and spread throughout your property in just 24–48 hours. This growth can lead to unhealthy air quality and structural damage from wet rot. When in doubt, call the experts at Putman Restoration.

Dry out your home with water damage restoration services.

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Get rid of a mold infestation by arranging for mold remediation services.

All of our professionals are IICRC-certified and trained to perform mold remediation and other water damage restoration services in compliance with industry standards. We also use state-of-the-art equipment that can handle mold remediation, mold decontamination, and water removal to get your home back in working order in Ruston. Contact us online or call us at 318-287-8383 to learn more about our services.

Putman Restoration: Mold Remediation Assessment

Mold development has the possibility of being dangerous not only to your health but also to the structure of your house or business as well as its appearance. It may also cause your property to lose value. Here are several indicators that mold growth may be present and why you should contact Putman Restoration for a thorough mold inspection:

White wall mold remediation service
  • A musty odor
  • Wet or leaking spots were found.
  • Discoloration of the roof, the floor, or the walls
  • Typical indoor relative humidity is above 65%.
  • Some environments can make allergies worse, causing symptoms like sneezing, headaches, trouble breathing, sore throats, and long-term allergies.

Putman Restoration will make sure that mold exposure is limited to the afflicted area during treatment. Your home or business will not be exposed to mold if the removal is done correctly. To ensure there are no remaining signs of mold or bacteria, Putman Restoration will engage the services of a third-party mold consultant to conduct removal sampling. This will demonstrate the effectiveness of the cleanup and cleaning efforts.

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