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Bathroom Sink Overflow Restoration Service in L.A

Bathrooms are the foundation of a home and it's member's personal hygiene. A clean and dry bathroom reflects a person's standard of cleanliness. A overflowing sink can flood a bathroom without timely professional help.

A flooded bathroom is an immediate human health hazard as bathroom water is a carrier of a diverse amount of germs and bacteria that can spread infectious diseases. During a Bathroom sink overflow call professional help on time to ensure your family's health and safety also to protect your property from water damage.

At Putman Restoration we offer benchmark quality bathroom sink overflow restoration service by a team of IICRC certified team with several years of experience in the industry. Call Putman Restoration at 318-287-8383. We offer our services in Dubberly, Frierson and several other areas in Texas.


Risks from aftermath of bathroom sink overflow

  • Infectious disease: If water from a bathroom flood gets out into your home it can cause immediate spread of infectious diseases if you and your family come into direct contact. 
  • Mold: Water  from contaminated bathroom water acts as food for immediate mold growth, which will initiate risk of damage to internal structural integrity of your home and in time the building 
  • Insect infestation: The common root cause of an of overflow in a sanitary fitting is a clogged pipe. Without timely help from a professional restoration and cleanup service the waste in the pipe will upheave and get out with the overflowing water, this can cause insect infestation in your toilet on top of the toxic water damage.   

During an overflowing bathroom sink call Putman Restoration to bring your property back to safe hygiene

We at Putman have the latest cutting edge equipment to fix an overflowing bathroom sink fast and thoroughly, so you can go back to your home or office safely and promptly. Call us at 318-287-8383 or reach us at our contact us page here. We offer our services in Haynesville, Heflin and several other areas in Texas