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Shower & Tub Overflow Restoration Service in L.A

As showers and tubs accumulate wastes like hair, dried soap, torn and plastic from sanitary and personal hygiene products, so shower and tub drains are prone to getting clogged without timely maintenance by a professional and experienced cleanup and restoration company. A flooded washroom from an overflowing sanitary fitting is an extremely unclean and personal hygiene related health risk. At Putman Restoration we offer shower and tub overflow cleanup and restoration that is unanimously approved by a large quantity of satisfied clients. Our team is IICRC AND RIA and our company are also a member of Coallition of Disaster Responders. Call Putman Restoration at 318-287-8383. We offer our services in Homer, Keatchie and several other areas in Texas


Aftermath of Shower and Tub Overflow

Personal Hygiene: A flooded bathroom is an unusable bathroom, so until proper cleanup and restoration is complete you are stuck with an unusable bathroom.

Water Damage: Water from a shower tub overflow can make it into your home and cause wide scale water damage.

Toxic Contamination: Toxic water from a shower tub overflow, once bathroom flooding ensues can compromise several other belongings in your house including curtains and furniture. 

Mold: Flooding water from an overflown bathroom sink acts as food for mold growth in your property compromising the structural integrity of the building

Trust Putman Restoration for inside out cleanup and restoration service during a bathroom sink overflow emergency

We are equipped with the latest and best tools and our team has three key qualifications that identify a great company today. We have, stellar online reviews from our clients, high profile awards in this line of industry and memberships amongst the restoration service review organizations. We offer our services in Haughton, Hosston and several other areas in Texas. Call us at 318-287-8383 or reach us at our contact us page here.