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Water Extraction Services in L.A

Water damage is a fast escalating problem for the entirety of your property, In case of an indoor flood, contaminated water is both a human health hazard and a threat to your property's structural integrity. Excess water or moisture is also a danger for your home's air quality. Excess moisture acts as a vehicle for airborne germs and diseases.

At Putman Restoration we provide thorough professional water removal service. We have over a decade worth of experience in this industry. Our team are IICRC certified. We are also certified by RIA. Call Putman Restoration at 318-287-8383. We provide water extraction services in Grand Cane, Heflin and several other areas all across Los Angeles.

Reasons for hiring a professional water removal service

  • Undiscovered leaks and water damage: As professional service companies do thorough inspection of a property, they will find and fix undiscovered leaks or hidden water damages  
  • Mold: One of the most dangerous outcomes of water damage is mold growth, which can severely damage your property' both aspects exterior and internal structural damage 
  • Remove excess moisture: High moisture content in the air makes your home and office prone to infectious diseases, moisture acts as a vehicle for airborne germs and bacteria  
  • Extra Care: A professional water removal service will do a thorough inspection of the property in addition to the client's initial problem. This will not only fix all current water damage problems or threat but will cancel possibilities of future water damage problems. 
  • Insurance claim: A professional, licensed and insured service company can help you with insurance claims for large scale water damage in your property. 

In times of water removal service emergencies make Putman Restoration your first instinct

Putman Restoration is a family owned and operated business, we treat our client's needs and emergencies like our own. Our team have been awarded the best twice in this industry. Call Putman Restoration at 318-287-8383 or reach us at our contact us page here. We offer our services in Blanchard, Cotton Valley and several other areas all across Texas