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Quality Water Restoration Equipment in Shreveport, LA

Experts in any field always preach: The right tools for the right job. It's no different for water damage restoration, and you always want an expert's hand at the wheel. At Putman Restoration, we won't undertake any water or other damage restoration project without the right equipment, tools, methods and planning. Our industry-leading water restoration equipment help restore your property to a pre-damaged condition.

For assistance in ShreveportBossier CityRustonMonroe, and across our LA service area, depend on Putman Restoration to get you on the road to recovery from your storm, wind or water damage. You have our advanced water restoration equipment on your side. Call 318-287-8383 and contact us online to learn more and arrange a consultation.

Why Putman For Superior Water Damage Equipment in Ruston, LA?

When you need a professional for water or other damage, you need quality water restoration equipment, tools, and methods utilized by Putman Restoration. We come prepared and full equipped for water extraction, drying, dehumidification and cleanup after your damage occurs. Let Putman provide the pro treatment with the restoration industry's best equipment around. Our lineup includes:

 floor water damage restoration by red air mover and dehumidifier machine
  • Dehumidifiers: Water damage has a tendency to create damp air, and dehumidifying brings that indoor climate back into balance.
  • Air movers: These high-powered drying devices are used for thorough evaporation when simple air drying won't do the job.
  • Air purifiers: Also known as air scrubbers, these help remove any germs, bacteria or contaminants in air as dirty water is extracted.
  • Moisture detectors: To monitor and assess water damage on or under surfaces such as floors, drywall, trim, carpets, ceilings, etc., moisture detectors give a complete picture.

Rely on Putman For Quality Water Restoration Equipment in Bossier City

At Putman Restoration, our certified experts have excellent skills and use advanced, quality water restoration equipment to help you out with your emergency situations. If you are living in Benton, Blanchard, Greenwood, and other cities within our service area, be sure and give us a call at 318-287-8383 or contact us online to make an appointment for services ASAP in Shreveport, Bossier City, Texarkana, or Ruston.