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Restoration Process for Water Damage in Shreveport, LA

Putman Restoration takes pride in being one of the leading water damage restoration companies across Louisiana & beyond. We utilize the most effective, time-tested procedures to restore your building when it is damaged by water. Additionally, we also offer mold remediation as moisture & water encourage mold growth which is bad for your property as well as your health. Our crew takes care of all the dangers and threats involved with water damage, ensuring you a fully restored property. Give us a call TODAY at 318-287-8383 for affordable water damage restoration. Available for both residential & commercial properties throughout Louisiana.

Our Restoration Process

  • Damage Inspection: We inspect, identify the source of the water damage, determine the best water cleanup method, and provide you with a service estimate.

  • Water Damage Categorization: We measure the degree of water damage depending on how widespread the effect is & the quality of the water. Unsanitary water requires more attention than damage from clean water.

  • Water Damage Mitigation: This step prevents further damage from happening and is focused on getting your property and belongings out of harm's way. It also involves using specialized equipment and techniques to minimize the amount of loss.

  • Water Damage Restoration: Followed by water damage mitigation, this step aims at repairing the damaged structures, eliminating & preventing mold growth. Additionally, moisture & humidity tests are carried out to ensure all issues have been resolved.
  • Water Extraction: This process involves using industry-grade equipment to extract moisture & water from the damaged contents. This helps prevent the growth of mold by eliminating their primary food; moisture. 

  • Structural & Contents Drying: We dry the structural environment of your home or building along with all the contents that are damaged, like furniture, to ensure clean & safe indoors for you and your family.

Rely on Putman Restoration for Water Damage Restoration in Louisiana

When you face severe water damage in your home or commercial business, give the professionals at Putman Restoration a call at 318-287-8383. We are ready 24/7 to restore your water damages in Bossier City, Monroe, Shreveport, Homer & more nearby areas within Louisiana.