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When pipes are exposed to temperatures below freezing for six hours or more, which might occur in the winter and early spring, they are most likely to explode. Frozen pipes are a regular winter nuisance for property owners, and they frequently lead to burst pipes.

Frozen and broken pipes may cause substantial water damage throughout a house or building, causing costly repairs and even mold issues. A mishap from burst pipes might cause serious water damage to your property. To protect your property from being damaged by frozen pipe bursts call Putman Restoration at 318-287-8383 or contact us online.

Damage Caused By Frozen Pipes

damaged frozen pipe

A residence or company may suffer extensive water damage from frozen and broken pipes, requiring costly repairs and potential mold issues. Here are several ways that frozen pipes this winter might cause significant property damage.

Water Damage: The most evident direct effect of a frozen pipe that has burst is water damage. You may think the pipe has burst because of blockage of ice formation, which is wrong. Between the closed faucet and the obstruction, which regrettably means somewhere in your home, a pipe will usually burst. How soon the water spreads will depend on how rapidly or slowly the leak is going.

Wide Scale Property Restoration: You might look forward to having a significant home repair project on your hands if a major leak is discovered and goes unattended for a long time. Like nothing else, water seeps through building surfaces. Electrical troubles, roof damage, ceiling damage, and even problems with the building's structural stability might all occur. This can be a drawn-out procedure that can force you to leave your house for a while. Do yourself a favor and avoid getting your pipes frozen.
Mold: Mold may develop any time there is moisture; after a broken pipe, for instance, mold has everything it needs to develop. Because of this, it's critical to ensure that the area is completely dry during the water cleanup procedure. After any kind of water damage, we advise scheduling a mold inspection. Your health is at serious risk from mold, therefore it's important to get rid of it as soon as possible.

Knowledgeable & experienced technicians from Putman Restoration are dedicated to clarifying any concerns and promised to relieve your stress about your busted pipes.

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What to Do When a Frozen Pipe Bursts Immediately

Once you have realized that the frozen pipe has burst you need to take care of some things. Despite the fact that this is an emergency, put safety first. Buildings that have been flooded pose a variety of dangers. The first step is to turn off the main water switch and switch off the property's electricity in the impacted area. You must contact Putman Restoration for your emergency scenario after finishing the initial job. Our IICRC-certified technicians will reach your place at any time of the day to help you during your hard times.

Appoint Putman Restoration to Restore Your Frozen Pipe Damage

When you want a specialized restoration firm for the repair of frozen pipes damage, Putman Restoration is always on time to assist you. Our professionally trained and certified team is always one step ahead to protect your property from any type of damage.

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